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Working at CoviMedical

CoviMedical is part of the CKM Group.

The CKM Group includes a large number of companies and a clinic, all of which contribute to getting closer to our vision of a healthier world. Our goal is to play a leading and pioneering role in the healthcare system of tomorrow through preventive medical services, eHealth and public health. We rely on smart logistics, digitization, diagnostics and individual prevention. We rethink healthcare and diagnostics and always question the status quo.

Our vision is to play a leading and pioneering role in the emerging segment of digitization and automation of diagnostics. We face the challenges of diagnostics, machine learning, spectroscopy and pandemic management.

We believe that health is the greatest good. Health gives us the freedom to live our lives without restrictions. Protecting our health and that of our fellow human beings is what drives us every day. That is why we develop products and solutions that help experts and consumers alike to understand and maintain health. We rely on the combination of scientific expertise, efficient logistics, automated diagnostics and digital applications. In doing so, we always question the status quo and pursue new approaches.

With our roots in the event industry, we have grown together with our extensive network from different areas in a very short time to become one of the largest private providers of pandemic prevention in Germany. We believe that disruptive innovations in diagnostics will shape the healthcare industry for the next ten years. We want to be part of this exciting development.

We are a young and dynamic team of entrepreneurs, physicians, biologists, logistics experts, software developers and other skillsets from a wide variety of backgrounds departments. We are all united by the drive and the enthusiasm to create something unique together.


We are always looking for unique people who share our vision of a healthier world. Join our team and help us transform the healthcare industry.

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