Frau läuft zuhause mit einer Yoga Matte die Treppe hoch, um Sport zu machen Frau läuft zuhause mit einer Yoga Matte die Treppe hoch, um Sport zu machen

7 tips for more movement in your everyday life

Moderate exercise is good for your heart: Every activity challenges and stimulates your heart muscle - and you can burn a few calories at the same time. Here are 7 tips on how you can easily incorporate more exercise into your everyday life:

1. Walks during the lunch break

Use your lunch break to do a short lap. Exercise in the fresh air not only invigorates your mind, but also boosts your metabolism. So you can get back to work with a fresh head.

2. Stairs instead of elevator

Say goodbye to the convenience of the elevator and choose the stairs instead. Climbing stairs is a great way to keep fit throughout the day and increase your calorie expenditure.

3. Active meetings

Why "sit out" meetings? Suggest an active standing meeting or an exchange during a walk outside. The extra movement is not only good for your body, but also increases the creativity and productivity of your mind.

4. Bike or walk to work

If possible, leave your car behind and choose to bike or walk. This not only integrates more exercise into your everyday life, but also gives you advantages in terms of environmental friendliness. You might even save yourself a visit to your gym and can spend your free time with friends or family.

5. Working while standing

Back pain from sitting too much? Try it with a standing workstation. This is how you promote an upright posture and burn a few calories at the same time.

6. Active pauses

Use your breaks actively instead of spending them in front of the screen. Stretch out on the hardwood floor or dance across the living room to your favorite song to activate your muscles, get your circulation going and boost your mood.

7. Household as a workout

Caution, mindset hack: no longer see your to-do's in the household as a chore, but as an opportunity to get moving. Vacuuming, washing windows, gardening and carrying grocery bags can all become effective workouts. Your heart (and your soul) will thank you!

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