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We offer agile, flexible and, above all, reliable complete solutions to enable gatherings of all types and sizes in public operations to be realized in a Covid-compliant and safe manner. Thanks to a long history in logistics and organization, fresh ideas and digital processes, we established ourselves as a leading provider in the field of Covid prevention right at the beginning of the pandemic.

We now draw on the experience of over 130 rapid test centers and over 1.7 million tests performed. Where would you like your project to bring people back together?

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We all long for our “old” life. A life that consists of open stores and personal contact with other people. Of gatherings in small and large circles. A life that knows sport events, cultural and professional occasions. A life that takes place in soccer stadiums, arenas and amusement parks. In concert halls, marquees and hotels. A life at trade fairs, conferences and cruise ships.

On the way back to the longed-for normality, safety must not fall by the wayside. Covid prevention via rapid tests and hygiene concepts is the key. It makes it possible to break infection chains and keep incidence levels low. Our goal: to make events, public operations and tourism possible again in the long term!

Our solution

We provide you with the most important tools for controlling coronavirus as a complete solution. This includes a risk assessment individually adapted to the needs of the spatial and local conditions, a hygiene concept that is always up to date, and PCR as well as antigen tests that are applied by means of an efficient testing strategy.

Antigen rapid tests provide reliable information on whether a person is infected in just 15 minutes and thus enable the chain of infection to be interrupted. This is how we get back to normal – and safety at events.

PCR tests take longer and are currently important for travel abroad. In addition, after a positive rapid antigen test, the even more accurate PCR test is done to verify the initial result, just to be on the safe side. At CoviMedical this is possible with the same sample, no need to make another appointment!

We are connected to apps such as Test Verify, Luca and Corona-Warn-App for contact tracing and convenient presentation of the test result when entering events or gastronomy.

Request a quote

Give us as much information as possible via our request form and we will get back to you within 48 h.


According to your information and needs as well as the applicable country-specific regulations, we will advise you on your request.

Concept creation

Depending on your request, this can include a hazard assessment, a hygiene concept, but always a test strategy and a production plan.

Ticket Shop

In line with your requirements, we create your own ticket store to ensure DSGVO-compliant and fully digitalized data & results management.

Kick Off

The final coordination and kick-off of the implementation.

Appointment booking

This is done forexample ( the design is arbitrary ) in 5 minute slots to avoid waiting times and uncontrolled crowds. Walk ins are also possible.


In your premises or a mobile solution provided by us by our medical or medically trained staff.

Transmission of results

Fully digitalized ( on customer request also analog on paper ), DSGVO compliant, in German and English.

App Integration, Corona Warn App, Luca App, etc.

Our test portfolio

All tests used by CoviMedical are listed with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices ( BfArM ).

We have both the necessary experience, structure and logistics as well as a broad network of medical and medically trained personnel to realize over 100,000 tests per day.

Performing our tests is simple and straightforward.

Our medical and medically trained staff will take a painless swab from your throat and nasal cavity.

This procedure takes no more than 20 seconds.

Please do not drink, eat (including sweets or chewing gum) or smoke for 30 minutes before the test.

Antigen rapid test

The sample is taken from your throat and nose swab. The swab is then placed in a tube with a buffer solution so that the virus particles are washed out. A test strip is then used to determine the result. If one line appears on the strip, the test is negative; if two lines appear, it is evaluated as a positive result. Compared to the PCR test, the antigen test offers ease of use and rapid results after only 15 to 30 minutes, even faster than the PCR rapid test.

PCR Rapid Test

In addition to the standard PCR test with a waiting time of at least 24 hours, there are also PCR rapid tests. These are available with a test kit and can be used without a laboratory. With the PCR rapid test, the result is already available after 20 minutes.

PCR Laboratory Test

A PCR test is the safest method to detect a current Covid infection. The test is performed in the laboratory and is particularly sensitive. The procedure can detect with a high degree of certainty whether someone is currently infected at certain stages of the infection, usually two to three days after infection.

Prices and services

*The prices shown are price indications without VAT


0$ / month
  • Antigen Rapid Test
    ( Result after 15 minutes )
    from 18 € *
  • PCR Rapid Test
    ( result after 20 minutes )
    from 100 € *
  • PCR Laboratory Test
    ( result in 24 hours )
    from 55 € *


0$ / month
  • Own website store for ticket booking
  • Result Integration with App, Corona Warn App, Luca App
  • Fully digitalized data & results management
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Container solution
    from 2.200,00 € / pc.*
  • Tent
    from 800,00 € / pc. *
  • Mobile PCR Laboratory
    Capacity of 8.000 PCR tests in 24 hours ( on request )


0$ / month
  • Doctor
    on Request
  • Hygiene representative on site
    from 40,00 € / h *
  • Supervisor
    from 35,00 € / h *
  • Medically trained personnel
    from 29,00 € / h *


CoviMedical is the leading nationwide provider of corona test centers. In public, the young company from Dillenburg/Hessen is better known through its brand ’’. Through the Covid rapid test centers of and the Covid test booking site of the same name, more than 1.7 million rapid tests have been coordinated and executed nationwide since December 2020 (as of mid-June 2021). In March 2021, the public health service commissioned CoviMedical GmbH to carry out free citizen tests.

The company offers customized solutions for mass rapid testing for covid virus to citizens, institutions, companies, states and municipalities – from stationary testing centers to container solutions and mobile services. Through central planning, uniform hygiene concepts and the booking system, CoviMedical ensures the same, high and, above all, safe standard at all locations, as well as a good user experience for those tested. The testing system is so perfected that it guarantees a very high throughput rate without waiting time.

You can find the current locations at:

All tests used by CoviMedical are listed with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). Their sensitivity is 98.5%, specificity 99.3%.

Whether trade shows, sporting events, conferences, or simply routine testing of your employees for internal Covid prevention: Our mobile, medically trained teams perform the Covid rapid test reliably and safely at your site or at the nearest rapid test center. We currently have over 130 rapid test centers, one of which is sure to be near you.

The test stations we primarily use are based on double office containers. These can be set up quickly and easily at any location.

Alternatively, we also use tents or your premises, provided that it is possible to work hygienically there. Our mobile team brings everything needed to perform the tests at your site.

We have both the necessary experience and sufficient personnel and material to perform up to 100,000 tests per day. If necessary, we can set up a test center at your site. For this purpose, we use double office containers that can be set up quickly and without bureaucracy. Your event can come!


When drawing up the concept, all the regulations and measures currently in force in your federal state are of course taken into account.

The country-specific rules for entering and leaving vacation countries are constantly changing and can be accessed via the German Foreign Office. Our concepts for companies in the tourism industry cover all eventualities with PCR tests, PCR rapid tests and antigen rapid tests.

To perform a Covid antigen test, your customers or guests usually book a 5-minute time slot on the ticket platform created especially for them.  However, it is also possible to facilitate spontaneous tests at your premises. Talk to us about it if you need to!

When booking online, your guests will receive a QR code by mail, which they present at their appointment. For spontaneous appointments, the code will be handed out by our staff on site. The smear test is performed by trained personnel.

After about 15 minutes, the test result is available online via the QR code. If you wish, you can integrate the result into one of the apps (Luca, TestVerify or Corona alert app) for check-ins and contact tracing.

Otherwise, the test result is checked manually during access control. A safer feeling for meetings, leisure events and trade fairs – for everyone involved.

The CoviMedical test result is an official and tamper-proof proof. We have integrated interfaces to the well-known apps with check-in function into our software. So a check-in is possible without any problems.

This is important because access to events or to some tourist regions is currently only possible with a negative test result or proof of health/vaccination.

If you are suspected of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, you must report the disease to the relevant health authority in accordance with the Infection Protection Act. In doing so, it is mandatory that you go into quarantine to prevent further spread of the disease.

If you have taken a rapid antigen test, this must be confirmed by a PCR test. You can find the health department responsible for you via this website:

In case of a positive test result, you will receive further information afterwards.

The sensitivity of a diagnostic test procedure indicates the percentage of diseased patients in which the respective disease is actually detected by the application of the test, i.e. a positive test result occurs. It is defined as the quotient of true positive test results and the sum of true positive and false negative test results.

The sensitivity of our COVID-19 antigen rapid test is 98.50%. This means that out of 100 patients, 98.50 will be detected as sick. This in turn means that the false negative rate is 1.5%, which means that in 1.5 people a negative test result is detected, although the person actually has COVID. The specificity of a diagnostic test procedure indicates the probability that actually healthy persons who do not suffer from the disease in question will also be identified as healthy in the test. It is defined as the quotient of true negative test results and the sum of false positive and true negative test results – i.e. all test results that were not actually based on any disease.

The specificity of our COVID-19 antigen rapid test is 99.3%. This means that out of 100 healthy people, 99.3 are detected as healthy. This in turn means that the false positive rate is 0.7%, i.e. in 0.7 persons a positive test result is detected although the person does not actually have COVID.



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